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Wonderful, Creamy, Baked Cod and Haddock


Fishes and ovens do go together rather well. An oven treats fish a little more kindly than your average frying pan, especially when it comes to light, flaky fish like cod and haddock that I am using here. You do have to watch the temperature, be patient and cover the fish to keep the moisture in. However, with something like cod, because it cooks fairly quickly, it shouldn’t dry out.

So, go grab some nice fish of your choice and meet me by the oven dish!


This is so easy to do. Lay the Loin of cod and the smoked haddock fillet next to each other in a backing dish. dab with knobs of butter, sprinkle with lemon juice and scatter little bits of crushed garlic.

Season with really good sea salt – I went for my normal Cornish sea salt – and lots of fresh ground pepper.

Bake in an oven at around 160° for ten to 15 minutes – till about half done. Then add the cream and return to the oven for another 10 minutes. And it is done.

This is quite a rich dish so the safe option is to serve it with new potatoes. However, I like rich so I serve it with something like Pappardelle tossed in a rich tomato and bacon sauce. The bacon and tomato is the perfect accompaniment for the fish.

Close up of baked cod and haddock

This works well with any of the flat fish, so use it as an excuse to stray further than the average cod or haddock. We really do not eat enough fish varieties in this country. Shame on us!


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