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  • Smoked Haddock and lemongrass


    The gentle perfume of ginger, coriander leaf and lemon grass works perfectly with traditional smoked haddock from the north sea.

    Steamed in an oven and topped with a poached egg, it is the perfect lunchtime treat.

  • Eggs, Haddock and Bacon – The Perfect Breakfast


    The French have a dish called Oeuf Sur Le Plat, which translates as Eggs on the Plate. However, this dish is not simply an egg put on a plate, but a baked delight often mixed with other ingredients. 

    Here I have made it with Haddock and Bacon.

  • Tuna & Mackerel fried with peppers and couscous


    I really do like my fish and down at the supermarket, I picked up some cheap mackerel fillets and some line-caught tuna steaks.

    These are perfect with pepper and couscous to make a healthy, scrummy fish dish.

  • Fish Curry with Cream and spiced with Panch Puran


    India has a rather large coastline and the Indians love of fish is second to no one.

    So it is rather strange that the only fish on many an Indian Restaurant menu here is either an overcooked prawn or a tandoori trout! Well, let us redress that right now.

  • Wonderful, Creamy, Baked Cod and Haddock


    Fishes and ovens do go together rather well. An oven treats fish a little more kindly than your average frying pan, especially when it comes to light, flaky fish like cod and haddock that I am using here.

    Very quick to prepare and cook so perfect for a rushed evening din-dins.