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Bake Off's Nadiya Hussain gets own show on the BBC


The UK has always had a problem when it comes to food reputation, especially with some of our mainland Europe buddies, and to be honest, it has been deserved. Despite a plethora of cooking programmes over the years demonstrating everything from the finest techniques to good home cooking, the fry-up still seems to be a supper of choice and many of our restaurants are just plain bland. Of course, this is made worse by not being able to get hold of good product at a sensible price; when the better version is available, it is often at rip-off prices.

But there is good food out there, and though the cookery programmes have not managed to change our bad habits completely, they have chipped away at them.

Nadiya Hussain won Bake Off back in 2015 and not just with her cake-baking skills, but her open and honest personality. Now she has been given her own road trip to compliment all those other food trips from the likes of Rick Stein and the Hairy Bikers.

The Hairy Bikers are just one of many that take us around the UK and the world on culinary food trips (image © Hairy Bikers)

Nadiya’s British Food Adventure is an eight-part series for BBC 2 and will see her travel the country looking for originality and excellence in British Food.

“Our country’s regional cuisine is much more than tried and tested traditional dishes - there are quirky and clever food producers out there who are reinventing British food in unique and exciting ways. I can't wait to meet these local food heroes, to find inspiration in the most unusual food stories and unlikely ingredients and then come up with some brand new recipes in the kitchen, adding my own special twist."

Her journey will look at artisan producers and food heroes as well as farmers and fishermen who are working to supply the finest quality product. Nadiya will then create her own dishes on the programme. 

It will be interesting to see what she comes up with and am I am sure it will be a lot of fun, but will the produce she finds be in the price range of the ordinary consumer? We will have to see. 

Because if there is really to be a step change in Brtish food, and perhaps British waistlines, then great ingredients need to be available to all at a price they can afford, not just for the foodies of the world.



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