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  • Wonderful Salt Beef and Rye Bread


    There is something about salt beef served hot with big slabs of homemade bread that makes any day a happy day. It is just so delicious and warming, and just dumping it on a table for people to make up their own plateful is perfect for underlining all those friendships and love affairs.

  • One-Brew, One-Dish - A very different tavern


    When I was young, most pubs didn't sell food other than a stale sarnie, and the beer was often rubbish. These were smoky, smelly environments, jealously protected by their narrow-minded regulars. But pubs are changing, are cleaner and the food is better. But perhaps they are still getting it wrong.

  • Beef Stew with Spuds & Gammon


    So stews are best left for the cold autumn and winter months. But then again, they can be rather nice late night on a summer eve, too. Or at any time. Good one for pub owners, this. So much better with your beer than the boring pork belly or battered fish they all now sell.

  • Simple Sausage and Baked Potato


    This is pure comfort food. Good Cumberland sausages cooked in tomato and served with baked potatoes and loads of peas.

    About as unpretentious as you can get and it fills you up and leaves you feeling hugged. Good, huh?

  • Hearty Potato and Carrot Soup - a suppertime fave


    Sometimes the simplest of meals are just stuffed with love and warmth. Certainly the case here. A soup that can be a supper or a meal, day or night, summer or winter.

    What is there not to love in that? Takes no time at all and is dirt cheap.

  • Slow Roasted Leg of Pork with vegetables


    This is a perfect dish that is ripe for mass production when you have lots to dinner – slow roasted leg or shoulder of pork. If you have a big enough oven dish you can get several in there at the same time.

  • Oxtail, Steak and Kidney Stew with Dumplings


    I love rich stews and the tradition of steak and kidney rarely disappoints. Sometimes it is nice to do something that is richer still, and this recipe should do the trick by adding oxtail to the mix.

    This recipe takes a while to cook, so a good one for the weekend

  • How about Dough Balls with your stew?


    Suet dumplings are a simply wonderful addition to any country stew.

    But lovely though they are, it is all too easy to forget old fashioned dough balls – thick, luscious bread that is steamed above the stock.