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  • Pork and Pancetta with Potatoes


    This is really all about the potatoes and for a change, the meat component is the dressing. The trouble is, it was so nice, that I didn't get to photograph the pork cooked, which was a bit silly. Still, my photography can take the occasional back seat I suppose.

  • Chicken and Lamb Kebabs cooked over charcoal


    It doesn't take much to persuade me to clear out the barbeque, run out to buy charcoal and do something interesting with a chicken and half an English lamb leg.

    I have had a variety of barbeques over the years, but in the end, cooking over charcoal or wood is the way to go.

  • Broad Beans and Parmesan – A Perfect Combination


    As a child, broad beans were an unedifying proposition. Veg was cooked as it was and put on the plate with little thought other than to make sure it was on time. Broad beans were cooked without removing their thin skin. But cooked properly, these are wonderful.