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  • Lovely Chicken & Mushroom Pie


    If you can't think of any other way of impressing the friends, sober or not, then you are unlikely to go too far wrong with a good old-fashion pie. Chicken and Mushroom might seem something boring from the take-out shelf at the bakers, but done right, it is wonderful.

  • Chicken and Lamb Kebabs cooked over charcoal


    It doesn't take much to persuade me to clear out the barbeque, run out to buy charcoal and do something interesting with a chicken and half an English lamb leg.

    I have had a variety of barbeques over the years, but in the end, cooking over charcoal or wood is the way to go.

  • Tandoori Chicken and Bread without a tandoor


    I would love a Tandoor, because I really, really like very good quality chicken and bread cooked in a tandoor with loads of herbs and spices. 

    But you need to use them outside and they are pricey. So cooking in the oven is the compromise.

  • Chicken and Coconut Curry from a curry paste


     I love to make my own curry spice mixtures, my masalas, and even my own pastes, but I don't always have time.

    So I keep some basic commercially produced pastes for when I am in a rush. Here is how to use them properly to create a rich, luscious curry.

  • Chicken and Cheese Soup – A Winter Warmer


    It is not always warm and sunny, and even in the summer, it can be nice to have a warming dish to cuddle up to.  

    So, I have put together a very simple soup made from Chicken Stock and veg and laced with good cheese, dusted with chilli for that extra kick!

  • Couscous with Chicken, peppers and courgette


    Couscous is one of those ingredients that simply goes with anything. In this case, I am using a spicey, middle eastern style chicken recipe and then adding extra tomato for richness.