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  • Thick-cut, sliced Ribeye of Beef


    If you are serving steak, rather than slapping individual cuts of meat on the plates, why not cook one big one and slice it up. Because it is thicker, it will cook better and the result will be delicious and gorgeously tender. Of course, you must serve it nice and rare!

  • Wonderful Salt Beef and Rye Bread


    There is something about salt beef served hot with big slabs of homemade bread that makes any day a happy day. It is just so delicious and warming, and just dumping it on a table for people to make up their own plateful is perfect for underlining all those friendships and love affairs.

  • Beef Stew with Spuds & Gammon


    So stews are best left for the cold autumn and winter months. But then again, they can be rather nice late night on a summer eve, too. Or at any time. Good one for pub owners, this. So much better with your beer than the boring pork belly or battered fish they all now sell.

  • Oxtail, Steak and Kidney Stew with Dumplings


    I love rich stews and the tradition of steak and kidney rarely disappoints. Sometimes it is nice to do something that is richer still, and this recipe should do the trick by adding oxtail to the mix.

    This recipe takes a while to cook, so a good one for the weekend