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  • onions


    One of the most important ingredients to all savoury dishes. 

  • The Heroes Behind a Great Curry


    You can praise the cook all you want, but real heroes behind a fine curry are the three basic ingredients of onion, garlic and ginger.

    This base mix, pureéd and then fried, is what gives a curry its distinctive character.

  • Fish Curry with Cream and spiced with Panch Puran


    India has a rather large coastline and the Indians love of fish is second to no one.

    So it is rather strange that the only fish on many an Indian Restaurant menu here is either an overcooked prawn or a tandoori trout! Well, let us redress that right now.

  • Making the most of Paneer Cheese


    Paneer is a curd cheese popular in South India that is made using lemon to curdle milk. It is excellent in vegetable curries, though quite often you just find it served with peas and tomato sauce in restaurant - boring!

    Here is a better recipe.

  • Carrot Curry with Coriander and Vinegar


    Carrots make some of the best accompaniments to Indian food that can be imagined. Their natural sweetness compliments the sourness of curries and they can take on flavours without losing their own identity. Think of the popular carrot and coriander soup from the 1980s.

  • Chicken and Coconut Curry from a curry paste


     I love to make my own curry spice mixtures, my masalas, and even my own pastes, but I don't always have time.

    So I keep some basic commercially produced pastes for when I am in a rush. Here is how to use them properly to create a rich, luscious curry.